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Email: admin@retailbliss.co.za - Call / Whatsapp: 074 522 7798
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Code : GB001 Popular Moral Stories


Product Description

Popular Moral Stories





Code : GB002 Pearls of Wisdom


Product Description

This book is a minimized journey of my life; I didn’t like the DIVA
I was fast becoming and I wanted to change that. I decided to work on becoming a better person. The one ingredient I always had in my favour was my heart of Gold and I knew if I gave that to God he will guide me to change from within.

For as long as I can remember I purposed to live my best life, everyone I knew came to me for advice which I freely gave until the energy was drained out of me.

I watched people grow from strength to strength with the advice I gave; I on the other hand allowed my negative mind to control my life. I would completely go against every piece of good advice I had as I was too stubborn to listen to my own inner voice. I learnt that in life there are sun shines and sunsets.





Code : GB003 Fairy Tales


Product Description

Shoe maker and the Elves




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